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Q: It seems that everyone is selfish, they just use everyone else.
Why would a Christian be any different?

A: Christians are taught to help people, expecting nothing in return.
Because our home is with God - here we are His hands and feet.

Q: It feels as though everyone is so lonely, desperate for someone.
to notice them. How would being a Christian change that?

A: Christians are never alone because of God's presence. We love
one another because God is in us not for fame, looks, or money.

Q: Everyone is living a lie. Pretending to be happy or satisfied,
waking each day to win the approval of others. What about Christians?

A: Christians are "children of God" and don't need human approval.
Our value comes from Whose we are rather than who we are.

Q: Life seems meaningless. Born, struggle, die - nothing changes.
How are we different than animals?

A: A Christian finds meaning in the things that God says are valuable.
Caring for one-another, and caring enough to tell others about Him.

Q: When I really listen to people they all seem to have pitiful broken hearts,
just like me. Broken dreams, bad choices, lost loved ones - it hurts!
Aren't Christians sad sometimes?

A: God gave us emotions - He has them too. He is angry and glad, pleased and sad.
Of course we experience losses and that hurts - but He helps us through them, plus
we experience them in the context of eternity rather than everything-now-then-nothing.

Q: When I listen to some Christians talk some of it sounds mean and scary.
All those laws and rules to keep, battles and oppression, judgment and hell.
Is that really Christianity?

A: I'm not sure of your sources but there is some of that in the Bible.
The key is to separate the old testament texts from the new, and the new testament texts
that apply to those who reject God and those who are His children.

Q: Everything seems to hopeless. Even if I try to be a good person
it's never good enough. So many horrible things are happening, people disagreeing about
everything. Is there really any hope, Christian, or otherwise?

A: It depends upon how you define hope. If you expect this world to be
just and peaceful for long then no. Our hope is in Jesus returning, purging all of the evil,
then taking us to a new earth - free of the harm done by the first rebellion.

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